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Clinton: The Downtown Vision

A month ago, the news of change began to spread throughout the City of Clinton. The revitalization project, Clinton: The Downtown Vision, began to make headlines throughout Anderson County.A brief 30 second video was created by the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce to help spread the news of the Downtown Vision on Social Media. Little did the Chamber know that the quick video would end up being shared on Facebook and watched by over 4,000 people. The video created an interest among many citizens of Anderson County and that was exactly what the Chamber had hoped would happen. The Chamber hosted a series of events that featured Gianni Longo with Gianni Longo Associates, LTD. Longo is known for his work of urbanizing cities throughout the United States. In Tennessee, Longo’s visions have led to the redesign Chattanooga’s riverfront, downtown Franklin, and even Knoxville’s Market Square. The series kicked off with an opening presentation by Gianni Longo with around 100 Anderson Count…

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