Ambassador Spotlight: Debbie Sellers

"You first join as an Ambassador to represent your business, but you stay because of the relationships."

Allow us to introduce one of the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce’s top Ambassadors, Debbie Sellers! Debbie has been involved with the Chamber for almost fifteen years. Her involvement with the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce all began by her following her mother, Bobbie Sellers’, footsteps as she first joined the Ambassadors program to represent Sellers Realty.  Flash forward to present day and Debbie is the Co-Chair for the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce's Ambassador Program while also representing Mary Kay Cosmetics.

“My mother has always been passionate about chambers. And the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce truly is the heart of the businesses throughout the county. The networking is the best and when you get involved with other businesses, there’s power in the numbers,” says Sellers.

On being an Ambassador for the Chamber, Debbie admits that it’s a working effort. “You can work as an Ambassador at many different settings and you’ll get to meet so many people. But it takes effort. It’s been about three years and people are asking me about my work with Mary Kay now. You first join as an Ambassador to represent your business, but you stay because of the relationships.”

    Debbie represents the Chamber well, but when it all comes down to it, she’s a Senior Sales Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics. When asked what her favorite thing about working for Mary Kay is, Debbie responds with, “The relationships are life changing. In regards to personal growth, it was the best decision I made for myself. I am who I am today because of Mary Kay. When the company originally started out in 1963, they were selling wigs. Mary Kay’s mind set behind the business, even before it became cosmetics, was God first, family second, and career third.”

   From her previous work with Sellers Realty to now, Debbie understands one of the main essentials to running a business: connection. “If you want a successful business, connecting with others is important. What better way to connect other than the chamber of commerce? The Anderson County Chamber of Commerce strives to make a difference in the community. The staff goes above and beyond- always exceeding expectations.”

   The Anderson County Chamber of Commerce truly appreciates Debbie’s dedication and hard work with the Chamber Ambassador program. “The traits that everyone admires - hard work, persistence, integrity, loyalty, and all with a great sense of humor - that's Debbie Sellers," says The Kincaid House owner, Melissa Charles.

If you're looking for someone to help you with all of your cosmetic needs, Debbie is your go-to gal. You can view her Mary Kay work and products here!


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